The Quickbuckshot Podcast – Episode 11 – XBox One Reveal Impressions

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The wait is finally over! Episode 11 of The Quickbuckshot Gaming Podcast is here and it contains the opinions of three dedicated, hardcore gamers about the newest console to enter the console battlefield. That’s right, Jerrett, SupremeDDT and I talk extensively about the XBox One console and the issues surrounding Microsoft’s new hardware.  Honestly the console discussion is most of episode 11 but we do manage to sneak in what we have been playing as well as a few new topics. You know you want to listen and see if we agree with your assessment of the new XBox, hit that button and download the show now.

So download the podcast and sit back and enjoy our gaming conversion! If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to get in touch with us at and maybe we will feature it on a future episode of the Quickbuckshot Podcast. If you would like to add us to your friends list please do so, just add a message telling us that you listen to the podcast, otherwise we probably will delete blank friend requests.

Topics Discussed  

  • New Games impressions (Metro Last Light)
  • New Demos ()
  • New Pickups
  • Microsoft Reveals the XBox One
  • Nintendo announces E3 Direct event
  • Gran Turismo 6
  • Killzone Mercenary release date changed
  • And so much more!!


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Draven71 is Donovan Botelho

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  1. Antoine May 22, 2013 9:36 am  Reply

    Link on the official EA site where they say the Madden code is only for tablet, pc and phone.

    • otherZinc May 24, 2013 11:03 am  Reply

      practice post

  2. otherZinc May 24, 2013 11:18 am  Reply

    Currently listening:

    Just like a new car;
    A customer wants to see what the Corvette can do, feature, function, benefit. The Corvette isn’t just for taking little Timmy to school, going to the store, or going golfing, or a night out with a lady. “ONE” wants to know the bells & whistles of that Corvette, same goes for the XBOX ONE.

    I’m a super core gamer as well, I’m also a marketing graduate. M$ had to show what that console can do and it was impressive, will I use all of that…no. However, I have friends that make great use of every feature on the 360 and cant wait for The ONE.

    I don’t like Kinect, however, my 10 year old daughter loved the conference (my son also) but said afterwards, “Dad, is there going to be another conference?, because I wanted to see the new Kinect games! I said to my self…”Nooo”! However, I know, The ONE isn’t just for me. I have 11 Kinect games, my daughter plays all but the one that doesn’t work, that one is that garbage Sonic game.

    Me, I was pleased with the conference, however, I wasn’t blown away as I thought I would be. I want games as a core gamer. I got the new game from Remedy, Forza 5, COD for my son, & the Halo movie series.

    The Halo Movie series let me know that Halo will be back in a very strong way and I hope they give us some Halo something Day 1.

    What they did show me with the tech talk, is the unified connectivity will be second to none once again. Their online feature set will be far ahead of PS4 and of course Wii U.

    However, this will be a close race.
    M$ did say E3 will be about Games, Games, Games, and I have no reason to doubt them.

    They did say in the first year there will be 15 exclusives and 8 will be new IP’s.

    Great podcast I’ll continue to listen…

    • quickbuckshot May 27, 2013 7:17 am  Reply

      Hey otherzinc hope all is well! I have been the biggest 360 fan this generation. I worry about where Microsoft’s focus is. I am a gamer and i really want a console that brings me great first party title’s with great story’s and great Multiplayer experiences. I have this feeling that Microsoft is trying to appeal to the casual gamer which then spawns lot of kinect games multimedia and so on. I hope at E3 they blow us away but right now they dug there self a hole and it will take some big first party title’s to get me to buy a XBOX ONE day one instead of a PS4!


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