The Quickbuckshot Podcast – Episode 10 – God of War vs Gears of War

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Milestone #2! Our tenth episode is here! That’s right, we have managed to do 10 episodes under the Quickbuckshot Podcast moniker. In tonight’s episode we review some older games like God of War: Ascension, Gears of War: Judgement and some newer games like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. To lead off the news Jerrett weighs in with his opinion on the whole Nintendo E3 Press issue, we also talk about the future of the Gran Turismo franchise event Wednesday and Battlefield 3 premium sells 3.5 million copies, plus a whole lot more.

So download the podcast and sit back and enjoy our gaming conversion! If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to get in touch with us at and maybe we will feature it on a future episode of the Quickbuckshot Podcast. If you would like to add us to your friends list please do so, just add a message telling us that you listen to the podcast, otherwise we probably will delete blank friend requests.

Topics Discussed  

  • New Games impressions (God of War, Gears of War)
  • New Demos (Fuse)
  • New Pickups
  • Nintendo E3 event
  • Battlefield 3 Premium sells 3.5 million
  • Dragon’s Crown boob issue
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary Event
  • And so much more!!


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  1. otherZinc May 16, 2013 12:46 pm  Reply

    Thanks, about to listen to podcasts 9 & 10.

  2. otherZinc May 16, 2013 12:49 pm  Reply

    Also, cant wait to hear the show after the M$ Reveal. I think M$ is going to shock the world & without question win the competition of the Reveals(PS4 reveal VS M$ reveal)…if there is such a thing

  3. quickbuckshot May 17, 2013 7:15 am  Reply

    Hey otherZinc thanks for listening to the podcast. I can’t wait to see what Microsoft is going to show this Tuesday. I hope they show a load of games.

  4. otherZinc May 19, 2013 9:52 am  Reply


    No. I’m not “Pro M$” to a blind state. I’ll blast M$ as needed. My boy & I, Zincgriffin have been debating games since Atari & Intellivision when we were kids.

    I’m glad you dont take these debates personal as we didnt & have been friends for 39 years. We respect each others opinions as you & I do today.

    Draven71 here’s the thing:
    I’m not a hater of SONY, I’m a hater of the SONY hype.

    Killzone & Uncharted are very good games. Would I buy Uncharted, no, it isn’t enough there to keep me playing weeks after I beat the single player. Uncharteds side co-op missions are terrible compared to Gears Horde & Halo games. If I’m going to waste time playing that, I may as well play Gears Horde & or Halo.

    Uncharted 2 & 3’s single player is better than good. BUT, where’s the “campaign co-op”? That’s where I get long-term enjoyment from a game. The game would be played from a different perspective, with replay value. Uncharted is so linear, there’s no branching off making the game any different for the second play-through.

    Ive beaten all 3 Killzone games. I did buy Killzone, I’ll buy the next Killzone on PS4 but I will not buy the PS4 day 1 unless M$ completely lays an egg Tuesday at 11am central time! However, Killzone is overrated by the public and media and that’s where my hate comes from. Killzone is the only game on the PS3 that I’d beat twice.

    I bought both Infamous games & will buy the 3rd Infamous game on the PS4 (when I get a PS4) only because of my son. My son has beaten both Infamous games and likes it. I do think Infamous is less than good, for me I wouldnt buy it at all.

    SONY has made a bunch of empty promises that people give them a pass on and I wont. Same as I didnt give M$ a pass for not having a hard-drive in each console. Also, the Red Ring issue, I was pissed. I sent 4 360’s back to M$, BUT, I didnt pay 1 dime for any of them and each time a console was returned to me within 5 days.

    SONY & M$ had issues with their console and released “slim models”. SONY came back with a lesser console than the original (no backwards compatibility & less usb ports)”PS3 Phat”. M$ came back with a much better equipped “360 Slim”.

    I’m still listening to the show and about to disagree with what youre currently saying about Gears of War Judgment. I have to continue listening and cut the grass.

    Then I’m going to come back and answer exactly what I mean about the lack of Campaign Co-op games in the PS3.

    Fuse…is terrible!

    And this podcast & blank your game podcasts are fantastic. I’m looking forward to the podcasts after the 720 Reveal. I hope you guys can upload a podcast Tuesday night so I can listen at work Wednesday.

    I’ll be back…

  5. Draven71 (@Draven71) May 19, 2013 7:10 pm  Reply

    As always thanks for listening to the show! I know can always count on you to be as passionate, maybe even more so than I, when it comes to talking about our favorite videogames and the state of the videogame industry.
    You and I are around the same age and along with many others have experienced firsthand the rise of videogames from its infancy to its current state. Along the way we all explore different paths to satisfy that unquenchable thirst for the latest and greatest videogame experience. For me, as I get older I tend to look for gratifying story experiences that have solid and fun game play mechanics. I love movies and some of the better episodic TV shows for their interesting stories, but after it’s all said and done it is still a passive experience. Whereas videogames nowadays have such amazing stories to that allow me to feel like I’m a part of the story they are trying to convey, that immersiveness is really what draws me into the games that I play, hence my passion for single player driven experiences that I can consume at my pace. So when I give my impressions about videogames it is largely coming from this angle.

    Now feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on this next part. Through your posts I’ve come to know you as a dedicated family man who loves consuming his videogames largely in part with your kids. Which I imagine is a great bonding experience, one that I am starting to experience with my nephews now that they are getting a little older and are beginning to understand how to play some of these more complex games. As a result you tend to look for more co-op driven experiences in order to play with your kids, which I think is completely awesome. Now I’ve come to enjoy co-op experiences over the last four or so years but unlike you I don’t have someone that I can consistently play the co-op portions of games well enough to the point that I know he/she will zig when I zag, or will flank when I barrel in head on. I also will almost never play a co-op campaign before playing the single player campaign, simply due to the fact that you always seem to get some idiot that rushes past everything, skips cutscenes or grabs every damn weapon/powerup before you can get to it. That’s the main reason why I tend to rely on a solid single player campaign and it will continue to be my primary experience of choice for the foreseeable future, after that the co-op and multiplayer modes are just gravy to me.

    I’m not saying that you don’t enjoy a solid single player campaign at all; I’m just saying that it seems that your gaming environment is more conducive for co-op experiences than that of single player experiences and that molds your expectations for what you look for when purchasing a videogame. After all isn’t that what it’s all about, finding the right experiences that closely matches your persona? With that being said, and I know this is long winded sorry, as I read your posts on various websites I’ve come to see a pattern where you knock excellent games for not having a campaign co-op experience. Yes, Uncharted is a linear game, because the story was designed to be told that way. There is nothing wrong with a linear game. If you don’t want a linear game then don’t by a linear game. So playing as any of the other characters would break the main goal of what they were trying to do, which is offer a cinematic, narrative experience for the player. In the future, I personally wouldn’t mind seeing an Uncharted adventure that was designed for 2 player campaign co-op, and maybe with the PS4 they will look into doing it.

    I know you want to consume campaign co-op experiences but not every game needs them, not every game is being made in mind for the playstyle that the Otherzinc family loves and desires. I personally think that it is unfair to a developer to bash their game because it doesn’t include a mode that you really want in the game. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and look elsewhere, the fact that Uncharted doesn’t have a campaign co-op in no way takes away from your enjoyment of the campaign co-op experience in Halo or Gears. The co-op that Uncharted does have is designed so it doesn’t derogate the amazing single player narrative structure. Is it the best co-op? Nope. Is it fun? It sure is and neither game is bad in any way shape or form.

    Let’s talk Killzone. Is it the best shooter out there? No, but it’s pretty damn cool and looks fantastic. I think all games have a group that loves or hates them, Killzone included. I also think gamers find their favorite type of game, whether it be FPS’s, TPS’s, RPG’s ect, and then they judge all others games by their standards for their favorite game of that genre. Seems natural enough, but that doesn’t make them garbage at all. I put Infamous in this category. I really love the Infamous series, it’s not perfect but then again no game is but it fits my preferred playstyle and that is what is most important for me. In the end it’s all about different strokes for different folks.

    As for promises made by Sony, your right Sony made promises that they haven’t delivered on but so has Microsoft. They promised to have plenty of exclusive games, they don’t. They stand on the greatness of three key franchises, Halo, Gears and Forza. I don’t consider Fable or Alan Wake as key franchises although I think Alan Wake is a fantastic game. They have had a few solid XBLA games but I my opinion not they weren’t as good as the independent exclusives on PSN. But that is all opinion and can be argued till the cows come home. My point is that every company makes and breaks promises to their consumer, and not just in the videogame industry. Sony, had good intentions with the Cell chip with the PS3 but just didn’t expect that the industry would have such a hard time with the development, it looks like they learned and corrected that problem with the PS4.

    The only thing I’m gonna say about the “slim Consoles’ is that the only reason why Microsoft had a “better equipped” slim is because they initially forgot to put that shit into the launch unit that should have had them in the first place, and then they tried to nickel and dime us for them later. Come on, really? By the time you bought a hard drive, wireless nic card and HD add-on drive you had easily spent more than the cost of the launch PS3.

    Since the show I have played even more of Gears: Judgment, I’ve now completed the campaign twice, once single player and once co-op with Quickbuckshot. I have a few issues with the game but overall I found it to be really enjoyable, the only thing I didn’t really care for were all the interruptions within the chapters. I do see what they were trying to do but that part just wasn’t for me. I still prefer Gears 3 to any of the other Gears games, that one really resonated with me and I was genuinely bummed that it wasn’t nominated for Game of the Year.

    In conclusion, as I’ve said on the show and I’ll say it here. Otherzinc, I’ve come to respect your opinions of the games that you love and hate because you do offer up a reason for your said love or hate as where many people don’t, so my hat’s off to ya for that. However I still think that you’re extremely harsh on the Sony products while giving considerable leniency to Microsoft products. I think these all these games need to be judged for what they are, not what they aren’t. With that I look forward to many more intelligent, friendly debates with you about videogames in the future.

    P.S. I will go on record now as I have in the past on the NQR podcasts that I whole heartily believe that the new XBox will be backwards compatible as Microsoft isn’t changing their internal hardware (X86) architecture like Sony (Cell to X86) is. That is a huge win for Microsoft for sure. Will they shock the world with the new XBox? No, come on it’s just a gaming console, or is it?

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