The QuickBuckShot Gaming Podcast – Episode 3 – Sony announces the PlayStation 4!

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Welcome back everyone!  Heard any good gaming news lately? I’m sure you have and you have come to the right place if you want to hear more about Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement! Jerrett and I discuss everything that is the PS4 and the small slate of games that were revealed as well. That’s not all though, Episode 3 of the Quickbuckshot Podcast also includes talk on the latest games we’ve been playing like Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, Dishonored and any cool new purchases we have made lately. To top it all off we also discuss some of the other news in gaming such as ….  As you can see this episode is jam packed with plenty of gaming goodness.

So download the podcast and sit back and enjoy our gaming conversion! If you have any questions and/or comments please feel free to get in touch with us at and maybe we will read it on a future episode of the Quickbuckshot Podcast. If you would like to add us to your friends list please do so, just add a message telling us that you listen to the podcast, otherwise we probably will delete blank friend requests.

Topics Discussed  

  • New Games impressions
  • New Demos
  • And so much more!!


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  1. Antoine March 3, 2013 10:21 am  Reply

    Enjoy the podcast but have a couple opinions on this last podcast.

    In talking about the specs of the upcoming PS4, you guys were talking about it not needing to be as powerful as a computer, as the console is more a special purpose machine, doesn’t have the over head of what a computer has to do in the background. I think in the old days, Dreamcast, PS2 that was true, but no longer. The ability to have background downloads, music from your personal collection playing and having PSN or Xbox live connectivity means each of those tasks must have software that support them, running at the same time as the game. I think its going the other way, consoles will start to get, relatively speaking, closer in power to the PCs at the time they come out. These are fully fleshed operating systems and as such, seem to have heady requirements.

    The second is in response to what Microsoft may show and you guys bringing up the point that they better not forget the gamers. I think Microsoft wanted to get their box into the living room, and it came in the guise of a video game console. They wanted PCs in the living room forever, and could never figure out a way. The Xbox, and xbox 360, have been their trojan horses to get themselves there. Sure, they make money on games, but the content deals for movie and music, the deals for tv channels, things like that might be less headaches for them in the long term. They have deals to use the Xbox as a dvr in some places. I fully think this next one will be as much about the games as it is the living room experience. Just my opinion, but this might be an Xbox that happens to play video games, instead of a Video game console that happens to do other things.

    • Quickbuckshot March 4, 2013 4:45 am  Reply

      Thank you so much Antoine for your Interest in the podcast. I think in November we should plug it in and see what happens.

  2. Draven71 March 3, 2013 10:30 pm  Reply

    @Antoine Thanks a bunch for taking the time to post your opinions about the podcast, we really appreciate it! I’ll address each of your items.

    I agree with you that these new consoles will see more overhead in terms of what’s being asked of them, but I still don’t think that they will be asked to do anymore than what is necessary in order to free up as much RAM for the developers as possible. Even with them sharing the same X64 architecture as most PC’s out there they will still be asked to do way less than the normal PC on the backend side. All of the items that you mentioned that a console has to manage, ie PSN or XBLA connectivity, background downloads, music players, is already being done with only 512MB of RAM on the PS3 and 360. Yeah the new consoles will have more features on them but nothing that these processors can’t handle, especially when you start getting into the 6GB to 8GB ranges. With console lives getting longer, it remains incredibly hard for them to be competitive with PC games near the end of their console life. Right now is a prime example. There are some exceptionally good looking games on the consoles right now and everyone of them looks better on the PC, if that version is available, Far Cry 3, Battlefield 3, and Crysis 3 are a few examples. The reason is that that the PC market is scaleable in real time. Don’t like your graphics card? Get a new one. Don’t like the amount of RAM you have, add more! With a console we are stuck at one particular time in technology and have to ride it out until a new console comes along, which keeps getting longer and longer between cycles (Unless your Nintendo).

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the next XBox possibly being a more multifunctional living room media device that just happens to play video games among the other features that it will have in it. As you pointed out, Microsoft has always wanted to find a way to get people to use PC’s in their living rooms as much as they do in their offices or where ever else they are getting connected. For years laptops filled this gap but didn’t quite take over the living room and tablets and smartphones are trying to do the same thing lately as well. It will be really interesting to watch this generations console feature sets evolve as Sony and Microsoft continue to roll out new ideas for what these consoles can do.

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